Communication Starts with the Heart

Communication Starts with the Heart

In relationships, most people start their communication with thought and then execute with words. They expect the receiver to understand their words.  As you know, many times it’s not a smooth process. Distractions, emotions, and history hinder others from understanding your words.  How can we enhance our communication so that the hearer will effectively understand?

Before you put your thoughts together, take time to prepare your heart through thankfulness and praise. Your relationships are not by chance.  God orders your steps, and no matter the occasion for your communication, you represent your love (or lack thereof) to the other person. Words are creative elements that have lasting ramifications. They do not evaporate, and they have meaning. You have an opportunity to enhance and impact the hearer with your heart and your love. 

A good tree has good fruit, and a corrupt tree will produce corrupt fruit; you shall know the tree by its fruit. Also, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks (Matthews 12:33-34).  Let the other person know how much you care for them by conditioning your heart with thankfulness and praise. Remember, communication begins with your heart.

Pastor Clarence

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