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Virtual Service Times: Thursdays at 7:00pm Sundays at 10:00am

FHM is a true gift from the Father. This ministry has impacted my family’s life. Our connection with the Hesters is a testament to God’s truth that He withholds no good from His children. The Hester’s wisdom, knowledge, ministry, guidance, and authenticity has unlocked many doors of healing in our intimate relationship with God, our marriage, finances, personal ministries, and careers. We are honored to be on this journey with them. – Olen and Kia

The Hester’s have been a blessing to my life as well as my walk with the Lord. Being able to walk with them in community and ministry has brought so much healing and a deeper understanding of the word of God. Tina’s ability to release freedom as well as deep nuggets of revelation to the areas of my life that needed to receive God’s truth has been life-changing. Tina’s heart and passion for walking with me on my healing and restoration journey have shown me the Father’s love towards me and have impacted my relationship with others. – Stefanie Smith

FHM Church United has helped to transform my life in so many ways.  I met Pastor Tina Hester in June 2020 through OnPoint Life Coaching where she serves as a personal life coach.  Pastor Tina Hester helped me break free from hurts from my past, which aided in the facilitation of trauma in my present life.  One day during one of my healing sessions, she invited me to join in on Thursday evenings, for their “Empower for Life” gatherings via Zoom.  This was the encounter in which I first met her husband, Pastor Clarence Hester.  Needless to say, things have been so much better in my life.  I am so grateful that I was led in such a wonderful and positive direction, even in the midst of chaos and hurt in my life.  Through the Hester’s guidance, example, knowledge, teachings, their love for healing, and for their love of Christ, I trust that my life will forever be directed down the right paths.  I am beyond honored and blessed to be a part of the FHM family.  – Juanita Hughey 


My experience with FHM has been continuous progress in relationship, networking and partnership.  The first day I participated in Women’s Refresher, I felt the love and genuine concern from Pastor Tina and other ladies in our group! I love how we all connect and made a commitment to fellowship in our sisterhood.  Thank you FHM for opening your arms and heart to me! – Maria Manson


I have been associated with Flaming Heart Ministries for many years. Not only has Pastor Tina been my mentor for many of those years but she has also been a wonderful friend and a sister in Christ. It is through this ministry that I have learned to really hear the voice of God and become acquainted with the supernatural God that He is. I was able to discover my life’s purpose and to accept and walk in that purpose, with confidence in the gifts that came along with it. I have been blessed often with Pastor Clarence’s creative expressions of wisdom and knowledge. He has a way of simplifying his teaching in a way that everyone can truly relate to and be blessed by. I have seen and experienced many wonderful things in this ministry as well as self and spiritual healing.  Together these two are appointed and highly anointed. They have walked into the call of this ministry with open Hearts and open minds to be obedient to what it is that God wants them to do. If you are looking to be refreshed, renewed, restored or acquainted even reacquainted with God, then Flaming Heart Ministries Church Unlimited is an excellent starting point. God Bless – Sis. Harriett Mitchell