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On Point Life Coaching helps individuals that are feeling stuck in life, release the toxic baggage and gain clear focus. In such a fast-paced society, it’s easy to lose sight of your purpose. Everyone and every thing pulling on you for time. Yet, it leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled. Your unique identity can get lost in this swirl of activity. Are you pursuing that dream you had as a child? Have you gotten stuck because of a hurt from your past? Perhaps, you’ve tried to move forward, but you are not quite sure how to. You are without the support and guidance that is so needed. -Or, maybe you’ve tried self-help books, but something is still missing. No accountability and encouragement leaves you feeling as if you are just floundering aimlessly.

I was there. I had gone through two failed marriages, wondering why I kept attracting bad relationships, feeling hopeless, ashamed and certainly wondering who am I… Why does this keep happening to me? I came out of the whirlwind of victim thinking and discovered who I was and what I wanted. I healed from the pain of the past and began to move forward, allowing myself to grow, learn new tools and experience life from a new perspective, filled with hope. You can too!!!

Many that have experienced On Point Coaching in its formative years have come out of their toxic relationships, gained tools that helped them develop into stronger, more focused individuals, healed from their past and pursued life dreams and more. They have expressed that they now have clarity and courage and those once limiting, crippling belief systems are no more. 

We have several Coaching Packages to select from, but here’s our standard package:

·     Transformational inner healing session.

·     (6) Powerful one-on-one coaching sessions that will hone in on the limiting beliefs and shift your perspective

·     (6) Group coaching sessions that provide additional support

·     Access to private Facebook group to provide community, support and encouragement from peers on the same journey

·     Exclusive Membership site with lifetime access to additional training resources

It’s time to get off of the merry-go-round of life and start living! Dizziness and blurred vision for your future is really not living at all! Start living and enjoying your life! It’s time! Click the button below and fill out the simple form. You will be on your way to a fresh start filled with clarity and hope!