Our Cat Talks to Walls

Our Cat Talks to Walls

I was sitting in a chair the other day when I noticed our cat staring at the wall and talking (cat language) to the wall. He was intensely staring and talking as if on a mission. I looked and noticed a bright reflection on the wall. When the reflection moved or changed its position on the wall, the cat would start another round of conversation. Now our cat is usually quiet and purrs once in a while. However, this time, he was determined, standing on its hind legs, ready to jump on the wall to see his situation changed. 

As I observed, I thought it would be great to tackle my problems with such enthusiasm and determination? The momentum in overcoming problems (our walls) begins with how we get started. We can ask  God to take away our problems,  or more importantly, we can ask  God what changes are needed within ourselves to overcome our situation. God is not in a vacuum; He is all around us and in us. His love will guide us to the answer we are seeking. It would benefit us to get on our hind legs and jump at searching to find our solution! Don’t depend on another person giving you the answer to your problems. Look to God, who has the accurate perception of everything around you. Trust God that He will do what He said He would do. Believe that He will give you an expected end. What is your Hope? What are you seeking? Your solution begins with how you start. Say the following: “Thank you, God, that there is a solution to my situation, and your love will lead me to see it.” Now get on your hind legs and start jumping! 

Pastor Clarence

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