Our Leaders

In 2007, the Lord united Clarence and Tina in matrimony. They reside in Tucker, GA, and share a beautiful family. Subscribing to a Kingdom philosophy, Clarence and Tina fulfill Jesus’s commission to raise up disciples and strengthen their Faith stance.

Clarence and Tina Hester’s heart yearns for this generation to walk in their God-given purpose.

They have a gift to impart love to all they encounter because they believe love heals and restores. Embodying the Father’s heart, Clarence passionately teaches the Word of God. Many describe his style as relevant and so practical that a child can receive. Unarguably, the world needs the apostolic, prophetic anointing that Clarence carries.

Likewise, Tina fulfills the mandate to release freedom and healing wherever she goes. Teaching with transparency and vulnerability, Tina creates an atmosphere where the Lord can freely move and do what He does best-manifesting His Goodness.

Tina is a Southeast Regional Trainer for Bethel Sozo; therefore, she travels teaching Sozo inner healing. She ministers with a strong prophetic anointing that releases freedom to the weary and opens up realms of glory for God’s people to enter freely. She has served in many leadership capacities through the years. Some of these roles include Pastor, Prophet, and Worship Leader.

Clarence and Tina share a desire for God’s children to confidently identify as sons and daughters and understand the authority of the Word.