The Easy Way

The Easy Way

I was telling one of the couples we counsel that God has such a sense of humor. That when you ask God to fix something, He responds, “Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way, whichever you choose. (I can hear the “Godfather” tones). The easy way is you pray and let it go; you don’t have anything more to do because you’ve giving it to God to handle. The other way is the hard way; you give God the issue, then snatch it back to input your solutions to the problem. 


God will either handle the problem or step aside and let us control the situation. When He addresses a problem, we let go and rely on Him to solve the issue; we don’t get involved in how He accomplishes the solution. Letting go is apart of the easy way. Contrarily, when we give our answer and “fix the problem,” God will step aside and let us take control because, of course, we know best. Not really, but we think we do. It’s the Hard Way. God will patiently wait for us to understand it’s better to solve our problems the easy way and let God handle them.  

The easy way seems slow with not much getting done. The hard way seems faster because you’ll have to move and talk a lot to see a lot of activity. The reality is the easy way is the quickest way to solve issues, hint, God is running the show. He is working on all sides at the same time. He doesn’t miss a step. The hard way is so slow that it takes forever for us to get out of the way and give God the problem. 

So, the next time you have a problem, stop in your tracks, LET GO, and LET GOD handle it. 


Pastor Clarence

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