The Hot Potato!!

The Hot Potato!!

Sometimes it isn’t easy to maintain healthy and happy communication between a husband and wife. Before long, words flare-up that causes tension or an attitude surfaces, and now we’re not talking, or we carry what I call a “hot potato,” the offense.
You know what I mean. It’s not an argument, but it can easily turn into a war of words if you say anything. So, how do you keep the peace and your sanity? You drop the “Hot Potato”! You know what an offense is, it’s when someone cuts in front of your car that causes you to hit the brakes hard, and now, you’re wearing your coffee. Webster says an offense is something that outrages the moral or physical senses; the act of displeasing or affronting; the state of being insulted or morally outraged. You will talk about offense all day, letting everybody know how slimed you’ve been. Here’s another example, your spouse has just dumped how they really feel about you, and you are livid! So, how do you get back? – You Don’t- You have got to Drop the “Hot Potato.”

The offense is like a smudge; you can never wipe it off completely. Don’t respond negatively. What’s needed when you are offended is to get back to a peaceful position. To maintain a peaceful position, you must let go of the offense. Remind yourself you will not hold this “hot potato.” Rejoice because you are anchored in the Lord. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Don’t let this sudden action rob you of your strength, your joy, your peace. Should you want to speak to your spouse about what was said, do so later when you have calmed down, and your emotions aren’t driving your behavior.
An offense can come so easily, and it can be over the smallest of issues, something said or heard negatively, and at that moment, you have a choice. Quiet that urge to react, pout, or give any attention to the offense at all. You can stay in peace. Start from there, and should you need to respond, do so after your emotions are not leading the conversation. Your goal should be to encourage, empower, uplift, and edify those around you. Let the Christ in you have the right of way.

Okay, so the next time you get slimed by offense and find yourself holding the “hot potato,” say this, “Thank you, God, for trusting me to maintain my Joy and be an example of Jesus Christ.” Now act on what you just said and drop the ‘Hot Potato”!
Pastor Clarence

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